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Snowmobile Report

Ice Bridge to Canada
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The International Ice Bridges to Canada

Drummond is your "Gateway to Canada"

Drummond Island is the only place in the United States where snowmobiles can legally cross the ice directly to (and from) Ontario. Thousands of miles of trails await you in Ontario - some have referred to the trails in Ontario as "highways" - as wide as 18 feet with extensive signage.

Once the ice freezes to a safe thickness, snowmobile enthusiasts from Drummond Island and the neighboring Canadian community of St. Joseph Island get together to build a Christmas tree line across the frozen ice to connect the two communities. The trees are spaced one eighth of a mile apart, and marked with reflective tape for night riding. The Ice Bridge to St. Joseph Island is 12 miles. The tree lines "construction" dates are based on weather conditions, but commonly occur in the second or third week of January.

When arriving at either community, snowmobilers must quickly check in with Customs. They must also be in possession of a Canadian (or U.S.) Trail Permit.

The quick trip over the Ice Bridges allow snowmobilers the opportunity to return each night to Drummond after a full day of riding, or stay in Ontario for longer, more extensive trips.

The International Ice Bridges are normally in use until late March / early April.

Trail Permits

For U.S. Citizens - Everyone snowmobiling over to Canada is required to purchase a Canadian Trail Permit before arriving in Canada.


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