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Golf Instructor: Keli Kelly

The Rock participates


The Rock Golf Course is a proud member of the


Hole #1
Par 5
Handicap 5

Thanks to a pesky fairway bunker that can gulp a tee shot hit to the right, this is a terrific driving hole.  And then things get really interesting.   Rather than trying to thread a second shot between bunkers, and onto the green surrounded by water, players are advised to lay up at the top of the hill and hit a full 125 yard shot to the large green.  It's a great starting hole that allows players to loosen up.

Hole # 2
Par 3
Handicap 15

A scenic, but devilish par 3; golfers hit to an island green that is wide but only 20 yards deep.  Because the hole plays downhill, with a prevailing left-to-right wind, golfers are wise to play to the green's middle and work the ball toward the hole.

Hole # 3
Par 4
Handicap 3

One of the most challenging driving holes on the course; it's 215 yards until you escape deep woods down the left and water pinching on the right.  There's more - a large fairway bunker remains on the right, and second shots generally are hit into prevailing wind to an uphill green.  A dynamic golf hole.

Hole # 4
Par 4
Handicap 13

A sleeper of a hole where the drive from an elevated tee means everything.  Clear the corner on this dogleg-right, and you're starting at a well-guarded green with bunkers on the right.

Hole # 5
Par 4
Handicap 11

Good spot for an iron off the tee, due to a severe dogleg-right that opens up to a treacherous, elevated green guarded in the front by deep bunkers.   Because of the green's height, golfers can't see the green's surface, which features a left-to-right hogback.  Strategy here is position on tee shot, high and soft approach.

Hole # 6
Par 4
Handicap 9

Don't drive through the fairway on this daring dogleg-left that begins with an elevated tee shot into a prevailing wind.  The fairway is lined on each side with high, rolling moguls, and along the left you find natural, white limestone rock ledges that are common throughout Drummond Island.

Hole # 7
Par 4
Handicap 1

Here, any golfer can enjoy multiple challenges.  The hole is long - 476 yards.  It's ticklish from the tee with a slight dogleg to the left.  And it's wet - Trammell's pond (named after Detroit Tiger shortstop Alan Trammell's generous golf ball donation to it), weaves in and out of the fairway's right side.  The green is bordered by water on the right and back, and by a large gleaming white bunker on the left.  Tough and truly memorable, this brute is everyone's No. 1 handicap hole.

Hole # 8
Par 3
Handicap 17

Depending on the wind, this hole demands from a 4-iron to a 9-iron, and golfers are advised, at all costs, to put their shot on the putting surface.  A small creek crosses in front of a heart-shaped green that's protected on the front by a large bunker, and elsewhere by deep ROCK-style rough.

Hole # 9
Par 4
Handicap 7

This is the time for tee-ball accuracy, since a drive that steers clear of a right-side tree and finds a big fairway hill will make for a much easier approach.   Bunkers left and right put extra premium on reaching a large, two-tiered green.

Hole # 10
Par 4
Handicap 6

The back nine begins interestingly with this dogleg-left hole that offers a wide landing area for tee shots that are essentially blind.  Just don't get greedy and attempt to cut the corner, or either of two large bunkers can be the penalty.   Fat shots or missed club selections will leave you in the sand that fronts a big green.

Hole # 11
Par 3
Handicap 18

A pretty par 3 hole is made to appear all the more inviting due to its large green.  But be careful - three gaping bunkers and some tough rough can turn this hole into a real workout.

Hole # 12
Par 5
Handicap 4

A gallant hole, this dogleg-right features two ledges which cross the fairway at the hole's midpoint.  A big tee shot still leaves 250 yards to a narrow green that's fronted on the right by a single pot bunker.  Power hitters can reach this green in two shots, but the tighter fairway makes it risky.

Hole # 13
Par 4
Handicap 8

One of the few straight holes on the course; the tee shot here is no picnic as it requires hitting from a narrow opening to a landing area that favors a right-side drive - thanks to a huge fairway bunker.  Golfers definitely want to avoid playing from the very steep right side of the green.

Hole # 14
Par 4
Handicap 12

Those who figure this as a par 4 birdie invitation may be sorely surprised.  It's all because of a marsh that lurks some 200 yards down the fairway, requiring a lay-up drive followed by a second shot to and elevated green that's fronted by punishing bunkers.  No hole for the reckless.

Hole # 15
Par 3
Handicap 16

Beauty and danger mesh wonderfully on this par 3 jewel that features a pond, water falls, and a creek running alongside this hole's left side.  Very calming - until you stand at the tee, eyeing the landscape ahead.  Key here is to aim at the green's middle and work your ball toward the pin.

Hole # 16
Par 4
Handicap 10

As long as tee shots are hit to the center, or slightly right, on this uphill dogleg-right hole, you're in position for a potential birdie.  Then again, the green, although wide, is not deep, and pin placements can make all the difference in how this hole plays.

Hole # 17
Par 4
Handicap 14

Lots of sand on the right side of the fairway forces you to play this tee shot left-center.  A short iron follows, but don't miss the two-tiered green.   There's sand on the right, right-front and left, and on the extreme left is a water hazard that should not be challenged.

Hole # 18
Par 5
Handicap 2

Hall of fame great Al Kaline had a quick answer when one-time Detroit Tigers / Dominos Lodge owner Tom Monaghan asked Kaline which golf hole should be named after him.  "Make it long, straight, and difficult," said Kaline.   That's #18.  The 583 yard uphill monster plays more like a 650-yarder, although the fairways are wonderfully wide and invite a golfer to swing big.  Just remember that the tree line along each fairway is closer that you think.  The 18th's elevated green is protected by three deep bunkers, and the green is divided left-to-right by another hogback.  A magnificent finishing hole.